Saturday, October 13, 2012


To not want. No one in their right mind wants not. Did I get that right, because it is not in my vo'cab. We wake up hoping to hear good news. That the world is not destroyed. That I'm not going to suffer a loss being a Hero in mind, body, soul, or anywhere on Earth, yeah yeah, etc..
 The fact still remained. We're tired. We're ALL tired. A democracy that allows itself to move into the Islamic world is one thing it's politics is another. Let alone the society was going socialist to try and survive the future which did not expect to give refuge to strays. That's how I look at all of this. So there is no room in my life to twist words around or pay any attention to such. Such is not allowed in my governing factors. This causes stirs. What's wrong with this picture?

 Everyone is scrambling for a piece of the pie. Let's kiss.., ( MONEY )

That's a short, followed not by the answer. You and I know where the real money generations are and is. They may not be born yet. What's out there is a joke because, just like a child with a new toy that is more advanced for their age, there is always someone to guide the user.
 Some hinging on hope, hopefully slowed down long enough to 'SEE'. Unfortunately in this time and age it means, you were forced and have no other choice. Just like a 9-5 job or worse.
 Others hinge on information, like me. Only what's viable within a given time line etc..
Others hinge on the buck. These have learned to feed. They are hungry. They know nothing other than, 'give me'. Some reading will not find any information. Some will open there eyes! That's the point.
These fragmented words are concise. What more? Either who has, who gives, who "HAS" (money) to give and who doesn't matter. Who doesn't have is a waste of time. Once you have 'gotten' to the point where time is money, you are in the big league. Unforunately, as stated above, etc..
 It's time to restructure your own future that's all. Now that we have balls, what are we going to do? One this is for sure. We all have to bundle!

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