Friday, October 12, 2012


 We are who we are born to be. That is not the same as who we want to be. As it is not the same as who we think we are.
 Genetically we share so much in common and can be traced back to what many see as Adam and Eve and scientists see as survivors of a catastrophic Earth changing event. Whatever the case your white Lief Errickson ass is cousin to Ma Jabababa in Muro coocuco. If you weren't, there would be inter species disorders as in the genetics of a Spaniard and a German. Hmm, maybe there's something there.. (and so many other obviouis notations). 
 A People that wish to be something they're not have even evolved it's culture from external forces and influences. These people can and are influenced by the illusion of being 'protected' from the world. I certainly hope so. I Hope To God we are protected. As a Nation.
 Who? It doesn't matter does it? This is not addressed to the pittiful. Just so you'll know.
 The fact of the matter is, they are contained. The people are contained.
What to do next:
It's not over yet. 'Certainly' there are those that see.
 Powers 'MUST' change hands from time to time. It is "The Reason" for a constitution with in our,..."OUR" system. As a NATION. This nation.
 From Whence I Come

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