Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My my my haven't we evolved. The ugly mouths are surviving just fine. In fact they're on top of it all! I don't know where to begin, I'm not into exclusive editorials.

The words above where intended to be published 2/2014.. It was the many times the president (at the time) boasted of his good works. His vanity irked me to no end. I never got around to display my displeasure. Then the news headlines took over. Today, after having awakened with the reality that what I knew was true and real. That the media was controlled to dumb us down and hate each other and push major products  and they control 'us'. The ultimate awards for journalism was a joke. The finest of the vain boasted and ridiculed, bullied and disregarded the whole human race. Life is not sacred. Life is expendable. Every 'body', living and sacrificed means nothing to the people we trust to report, document and sanctify, everything we know and do, past, present and future.
That whole solidarity thing has neither merit or validity at that level. The bottom line is the people. The quiet ones. Those are the ones that made this change we are in now. While the media reports to the people, super sensational mega extraordinaire over the top sell me with snarkism crap, we the people sit back and wonder at which point we jump in to save the world or ourselves.
We should be reporting on all the destruction at the hands of companies that feed us and destroy us at the same time. On companies that, heal us and kill us at the same time. Companies that have the nerve to snub their nose at the the President of Our Country. Well guess what? There will be a difference  in their pockets come the next eight quarters. Little by little they will panic.
Pull out! Go ahead! Do it! I'm nowhere near finished, I'm just sleepy.

Monday, May 29, 2017

I'm being urged to say a few words. Years have gone by. I was expecting many to go naturally, if at best. They have. Many shockers. Much shock to a nation is the other half of the nation. 
The Vatican has an alien agenda. Everybody's  commie.Comey coocoo caca ... I think it's all a distraction to cover up the truth, put the blame on, loco, laca caca. They all have syphilis and a certain half of the country is going to try very hard to maintain order at the cost of the top elite and you know that's not going to happen therefore/whereby bam. I will get back my family, you all will too, and you don't even know what's happening. You all think Trump is in cahoots with all those big countries. Hey, I would be too. But I'm not him. Hey, I'll be honest.. I didn't really like the guy (back when) only because I did know he had what it really takes. If it's bull shit, it's really good bullshit! I'm grateful to God he was at the right place at the right time. You can't make that up or time it! He actually had the (Oh well) look and suffice the expression when he thought it was over then to hear he won. 

Some of my last, past, posts are even in Russian in hopes it got back that we the 'ppl' don't have any problems personally with them. That eventually this will all be over. I even felt embarrassed of our commander with a little c! I had high expectations and I had already studied up on why there are Republicans a Democrats, I already knew Conservatives and Liberals.
We all, each and every one of us, have 'influence' and are not short of expression. Now to go on with life. Some will find the door, some dug holes for more and the little ppl, the ones that matter for production, will be happy to be part of this new world. There will be no more Hollywood as we know it. I just saw the Damon movie with the wall. I came away with 'Why would he make this movie'?..Matt Damon owns it now. He has opened the door to a diplomacy that outshines Apple, Google etc..  
Futures are in. the 'future' is out. A new reality not involving make-believe is going to keep us busy and happy. Hey just read my past posts! You know way ahead!

Friday, February 24, 2017

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Friday, December 16, 2016


Держитесь за вашу шляпу. Не дерзить. Задержите tonque. Скажем больше ничего. Будьте большим человеком. Подождите, ваше время будет только за углом. Подождите и время Виль хорошо стоит. Только беглый ребенка вы инструментом и дал ему дом в вашей стране виноват. Если есть быть виноват.
Не обращайте внимания на то, что происходит сейчас на эту дату. Не смотрите на время. Пусть время пройти это будет в вашу пользу.
Все указывает на тот, который начал взлома в новостях. Кто это? (?)!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Пожалуйста, подождите до тех пор пока мы знаем исход наших выборов. Пожалуйста, не дают этого ублюдка в офисе, что он хочет. Люди не виноваты. Они никогда не виноваты. Они тупые роботы. Существует лучший мир вместе наши страны могут сделать это. Мы можем соответствовать нашим остроумие позже.

Friday, May 06, 2016

B*ll SH*T bLoG


 Okay let me chime in here, oh what the crap, I'm going to crash land this bitch.. Let me start with 60 years, that's me, then there's 100 years, that's my parents. By the time I was ten, I was caught up to one hundred years of history, yours mine and our. That's 150 years you can "NOT" erase from me. Some where in time, perhaps, some one will find this and say Hmm...
This blog is just that, a blog. Like me, just trying to put a view point out there. However, this is a lie. If you view the video, you will see that Trump did not say 'Drop Dead'!  The island of Puerto Rico is in debt because of many factors obvious to any economic strategist but what is not open to view any more is 'how' the island got to be where it is now not the 'why'. Let's start with a Google search for 'Pfizer to open in Puerto Rico: Then there's 'Pfizer mergers': Do you see where I'm going with this?
If they 'move' money, that's it! The total sum of these companies money 'is' the sum of the islands economy. There was nothing but mango groves and chick peas, plantains, bananas, sugar canes, exotic fruits, zoological oddities, more exotic animals, on and on, but because of one factor, we, (U.S.) could not import these delectable edibles due to agricultural differences that may introduce a bug that can destroy our nations food supply. For that reason, even the people are treated as second class citizens. Forget the Spanish and I mean from whence they came, the language, genetics, history then and now. The very people don't care let alone the American government.
 Which brings me to the 150 years ago. When My Great and Grand Parents had just settled to the Island for the Canaries and Spain. Food was a new frontier. Agriculture was a new frontier. Our (yes our, as I can relate) enemies were new bugs and new government. They had us by the throat fighting with brooms. They left us alone. There 'REALLY LEFT US ALONE'. So alone we were on our own to gain entry into the mainland. Most of us didn't. The Boricua Indian died of diseases brought from the main land and Europe. Some of the natives integrated into the 'nationality' to become a new race of beings now known as Puerto Ricans.

 The king of 'debt' knows what to do with the 'off shore' accounts, don't worry about that. That has nothing to do with the crisis within the country's economy. That has to do with little production within to sustain itself as they rely on the U.S. for most of it's help. The island doesn't produce anything for anyone, not even it's own citizens. It's a tiny island nation, that if left to it's own devices would lead it's self to it's own destruction. Certain 'nationalists' want it (the island) to become independent. If that was to happen, then all that Boricua crap, would have to be translated from Russian. Yes they are, they would and have said.
The Trump ( with a capital 'T' ) has plans you can not imagine. Your pockets can never take you there at this point in your life. BUT, (BIG BUT), you will see the competition between the 'democrats vs Republicans' vying for either Cuba and Puerto Rico as the destination capital of sun fun and entertainment. SI YA THERE!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Friday, August 08, 2014

Быть или не быть, это не вопрос, это просьба!

Быть или не быть, это не вопрос, это просьба!

Спасибо за чтение моего поста здесь. Я надеюсь, что переводчик работает в нашу пользу. Вы знаете, что люди в Украине вашего творения, и он должен развиваться на своем собственном ради собственных нужд и хочет. Там нет необходимости, чтобы вторгнуться так резко или быть жестоким, чтобы он невинных детей и стариков.
Мы также должны оставаться друзьями и союзниками, чтобы мы вернуть себе власть над теми, которые являются немыми и глупо. Это не имеющее отношение к личной веры.
как сути, это было бы на пользу, если вы сделали 'БОЛЬШЕЕ' движение дружбы и 'помогли' нас в некотором роде!
Маленькие люди здесь, те, без голоса являются те, которые действительно имеют значение. Мы здесь хотите и хотел быть как одна большая счастливая семья, вашей стране и наша. Те, что пришли сюда из одного из ваших стран, как даже люблю качество здесь. Мы не есть все. У нас нет всю нашу семью. Мы не согласны на все, мы не теряем «надежда» и в этом разница.
На самом деле, вы грабли выше, чем наш собственный лидера здесь, потому что вы 'решающим'!
Спасибо, что нашли время!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I personally don't care if anybody reads this, I put it out there and that's all that matters. Let's start with two simple opposites. BLACK AND WHITE. What does it mean if you say it the other way around? White and Black. Oooo,! Who taught you that? The media has twisted everything in the favor of who ever buys the most. So an innocent life can be collateral damage and good for the press, big business, fat cats, etc.
That's not to mention all the EFFEN broccoli being shoved down our throats. What ever happened to, 'Who's better, Coke or Pepsi'? They've take away all our rights to be free to explore our lives. On the one hand they want us to be as healthy as they are big and fat or big boned or what ever they are, not accepting the fact that the human race is diverse and can not be changed unless they infuse new DNA into our genes, oh, wait...
Anyway, now soda pop is being restricted from our enjoyment. Okay granted it's not nutritional but it's an institutional right to be, ..(you know, that genetic thing might not be off..) AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE! prejudice thing: 'THOSE IN REAL POWER'
As a matter of fact the micro wars can be managed, (ex: more money made)  'civility' is not an issue (for them as it's not their concern unless it's a return and more money to be made) and because they are not part of the main stream. Imagine that! We the people support the few and very rich along with their best interests. How nice! How nice that half a century ago we were unsure what of the Earth. We knew what would happen. We tried on a feeble scale but the ones in power were already injecting all assets into growth in those areas such as their own children. BUT, they were the smart kids. Those in the power and exposure to the media and government. Imagine that much power as a child!
Today you have reality shows and producers of maniacal productions and movies that make so much money they have to cause a diversion in plain sight. You suffer, they win! It's as simple as that and you will never be the wiser.
Stop giving your money to the 'stars' as they are controlling government and your choices. Let them work as hard as you to AFFORD what you have or are striving to put on you plate!

Враг моего врага ...

Я так устал !
Население на этой планете является подавляющим в нашу страну . Мы здесь страдает диктатуру , что был назначен на какой-либо группе меньшинств . Эта группа занимает большую часть крупных городов и оказывать влияние внутри себя теперь, когда они думают, что они имеют власть в правительстве. ну это то, что они есть эта сила . У них есть , что и многое другое!
Они имеют влияние индустрии развлечений также .
Правительство вырос в его собственной стен, но не выполнил ничего, кроме раздражать и подорвать работу самых трудолюбивых людей в этой стране .
Индустрия развлечений вырос умалять peoople , которые поддерживает его невольно .
Теперь единственная экономика, которая была в состоянии помочь нам здесь становятся наш враг снова и наш единственный вариант восстановления стал предатели в кибер- пространстве.В Нью-Йорке ' Маленькая Одесса " . Я думаю, что мы можем использовать 'Big Минск "или Big Москва сравнять счет . Он может работать только здесь, в Большом государства ! Единственный экономический рабочая и жизнеспособным вариантом. Техас !Получить в настоящее время !

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sorry about the 'puto' thing!

Уважаемый г-н Путин,
Я понимаю, наш президент, без любого класса, но как американцы мы должны терпеть все глупости он ставит нас через, потому что majaority людей проголосовали его в офисе.
То есть так, как это сделано здесь. Мы не хотим неприятностей в любом месте на этой планете. Мы желаем для голодного и нищего. Мы также надеемся, что вы ухаживаете за ваше престарелых и infermed! В ближайшую от кого-то, кто имел русскую бабушку и гувернантка-немка с испанского, Turk, Ирана и итальянскими корнями битву расовой разделяй даже в современном мире.
Если это то, что они хотят, то они доверяют вам, но пусть это будет, потому что есть основания доверять вам.
Я и многие здесь искали до вашего мужества. Мы можем и будем защищать наши мысли и привилегии. Некоторые вещи не угрозы. Они первая линия обороны. Право защищать свое место на Земле. Теперь помочь нам продолжать нашу работу, чтобы управлять массами, мирно! ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!