Tuesday, October 16, 2012

About aLL That Terror Crap

The current president says he ended the war in, well I'm not sure! It is not the war on terror, terrorism, terrorists. That will never end. We as American pulled out our own from 'some' harms way. But this is a new day and age. it's not over nor will it any time soon. We can not nor should we ever be compacent.
In the first few years of your administration, when the pressence of a national figure means the most at a time of war and confusion. I refer to the men and women on the front line. Where were you during all the holidays?
With  the stroke of a pen you could have given permission to make it afordable to impliment solar accessibility to the masses.
Poverty was not ever in your past. Anyone whose sent from country to country and handed to parent and in law is and will always be priviledged.
When Wallmart will not hire a 57 year old because of limited range of motion, disability, or do not meet the requirements of  'senior' we have a problem.
When a high school picture of our president shows him smoking maraquana, and denies our children food for growth, we have a problem.
When all you think you know is tax, taxes, tax cuts, reforms, etc,.. you are not talking to the American public, addressing their issues, informing them of the struggles to come, the n you are not leading the country. There is a hidden agenda. Obvious and hidden in plain sight.

This is not a color issue. This has to do with trillions and trillions and trillions just in the last few years. What's that all about? Most inner city folks can't and will not ever wrap their minds around it.

The president just told the American people puny jobs are not worth their time. Educated positions are the future. That means no one will be working any time soon! Or in the future.
Never ever did he ever say 'In God, with God," nothing!
Who has really terrorised this country?
Unwillingly I have to add because, I don't know how I missed it. The Gov was bit in the throat because he couldn't be  specific when asked, 'how'  he intended to do something (taxe plan, whatever..) BUT the Prez can say, "I can't exactly tell you 'how' until I'm in the office again".  Really? No one picked up on that? The poor will always remain poor because they vote for the poor. I would like to know there is some one who knows

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