Monday, May 29, 2017

I'm being urged to say a few words. Years have gone by. I was expecting many to go naturally, if at best. They have. Many shockers. Much shock to a nation is the other half of the nation. 
The Vatican has an alien agenda. Everybody's  commie.Comey coocoo caca ... I think it's all a distraction to cover up the truth, put the blame on, loco, laca caca. They all have syphilis and a certain half of the country is going to try very hard to maintain order at the cost of the top elite and you know that's not going to happen therefore/whereby bam. I will get back my family, you all will too, and you don't even know what's happening. You all think Trump is in cahoots with all those big countries. Hey, I would be too. But I'm not him. Hey, I'll be honest.. I didn't really like the guy (back when) only because I did know he had what it really takes. If it's bull shit, it's really good bullshit! I'm grateful to God he was at the right place at the right time. You can't make that up or time it! He actually had the (Oh well) look and suffice the expression when he thought it was over then to hear he won. 

Some of my last, past, posts are even in Russian in hopes it got back that we the 'ppl' don't have any problems personally with them. That eventually this will all be over. I even felt embarrassed of our commander with a little c! I had high expectations and I had already studied up on why there are Republicans a Democrats, I already knew Conservatives and Liberals.
We all, each and every one of us, have 'influence' and are not short of expression. Now to go on with life. Some will find the door, some dug holes for more and the little ppl, the ones that matter for production, will be happy to be part of this new world. There will be no more Hollywood as we know it. I just saw the Damon movie with the wall. I came away with 'Why would he make this movie'?..Matt Damon owns it now. He has opened the door to a diplomacy that outshines Apple, Google etc..  
Futures are in. the 'future' is out. A new reality not involving make-believe is going to keep us busy and happy. Hey just read my past posts! You know way ahead!

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