Friday, September 07, 2012


Hoopla! The 'RICH" the majority, the poor, that's it! All of it. All wrapped up in one swag of a silver tongue, in disquise of the classic manner only one was born with, he wishes to be. With the preaching tone of MLK. That would mean imitating a leader. You know, if you study the  words, they would fail and fall on their own vanity. They obviously don't know what words they put in front of themselves or the world and public. The sad part is, they are fooling themselves and getting away with deceiving  everybody at the cost of deceiving themselves. Veez crud!
I'm not finished!...

My only imaginary Hero has died several times. Very few real Heros alive left on Earth that can afford to say they were in power when they had to push a button. Venimous fury and determination was not an option. Only one can be awarded "THAT" honour!

If we are to continue as a viable Human race here in America we are going to have to unite to defeat big government. That's it! That hoopla about what's needed, well it sounds like more of the same to me. MORE OF THE SAME! The promise that he will get you lost in the bureaucracy of huge government.

No promises were made because no errors were made. We were on the right track. Then suddenly factories, cities, homes, lives were closed, locked up and abandoned. Under who's watch?

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