Thursday, August 30, 2012

Obama Drama

Obama Ignores Huge Dangers in Approving Arctic Drilling Permit for Shell

 I have to post on a topic that was in the making 10 years ago. 10 years mind you! At that time the Gulf was not polluted, Katrina had not happened. So many things where different. Times were getting tough then. I saw it happening but I lived in Texas then. I had changed my economic condition 15 years ago. Althouugh life caught me unawares and the big 'c' got me I still made it through economically.
 Today there is a hysterical pressure to do everything possible to REALLY CHANGE the present state of economic affairs. Where there were no jobs, there still aren't any jobs. I have lived almost my whole life already. I have not been able to contribute a fucken thing. The Earth is up. It dead. not dying, up! The pollution will kill us as we continue to over populate and consume. The majority are in a bubble and the only hope is in a populace vote. Is he cute, black, rich, funny, WTF? Can he run a country? Can he make it rich again? That's it! Not fuck up the planet in the lest amount of time.
 I was just about to do good in my time. Now I don't think I have 20 years. Ten or fifteen and that's pretty good. But I have to have medications, coverage, a new plan of action in my older life. It's taken a whole life time. I'm tired. There is growth if it is allowed! Encourage it!
 Do not hinder!

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