Thursday, August 09, 2012


  Democratic is not the same as Democrat. Democratic is EVERY AMERICAN. Let's get that much straight.
 I do not profess to be a big time anything. Let alone a politician. BUT I do see with my own eyes!
I lived in New York Shity for fourty two years. In all that time, I never saw justice for anyone. Period.
That bubble lead me to believe I was not seeing life the right way. I just didn't know what to do. No jobs for anyone anywhere. Just when the jobs where about to open opportunities for minorities, (of which I am not one because of my birth certificate, an issue in the news these days..), the cold war ended and all KGB agents were given asylum and immunity. To say the better jobs and the only jobs hearding in the sheep for slaughter. I left. The city was restructuring and cutting off the masses of non-working (non-functioning or contributing), social people, communities and social boundries. They cut off Gold from the bridge in Brooklyn!
That 'BUBBLE' is the rat race. You can't see the forest through all the trees. If you haven't stepped out of the box you can't really say an effen word about what's best for anybody. If you are of the privillaged few, good for you. You're in your own bubble. You can't relate and no one can relate to you. That's the bottom line.
My bottom line is this:
There are plenty of growth and opportunies and jobs in the more Repulican states. Why? I don't really know! Neither do you! You just push what you knew all your life. You just know the only thing you know.
I know this, click the link and search your state! If you do not find a job there it's because you didn't study enough and who's fault is that?
This was inspired by the (little minded) remarks and posts on face book by family that are let's just say welloff because an economic structure works for them. Let's thank or accknowledge the Almighty Bubble. That is not the economic state of affairs. Well in their bubble, poor really. But we set their feet on this ground by the will of my parents. That's just one generation apart (and given good time). (bubble, bubble,..but you get the point. GET THE JOB!!

Also now that all politics aside, I live now in the state of Texas. I see all this comming. I've been watching this growth for decades. The only reason I'm not rich is because of circumstance in my life that prevented ANYTHING form (from also) progress. But that is not to say I am without knowledge. If you be smart you find a way to contact me for advice on how to invest and what to invest in. Acknowledgement in the minimal. Bargain barter state here! It works! The next step is yours!
If you are retired, you have already passed on. You are actually living a free life. You have become a free spirit.

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