Friday, May 06, 2016

B*ll SH*T bLoG


 Okay let me chime in here, oh what the crap, I'm going to crash land this bitch.. Let me start with 60 years, that's me, then there's 100 years, that's my parents. By the time I was ten, I was caught up to one hundred years of history, yours mine and our. That's 150 years you can "NOT" erase from me. Some where in time, perhaps, some one will find this and say Hmm...
This blog is just that, a blog. Like me, just trying to put a view point out there. However, this is a lie. If you view the video, you will see that Trump did not say 'Drop Dead'!  The island of Puerto Rico is in debt because of many factors obvious to any economic strategist but what is not open to view any more is 'how' the island got to be where it is now not the 'why'. Let's start with a Google search for 'Pfizer to open in Puerto Rico: Then there's 'Pfizer mergers': Do you see where I'm going with this?
If they 'move' money, that's it! The total sum of these companies money 'is' the sum of the islands economy. There was nothing but mango groves and chick peas, plantains, bananas, sugar canes, exotic fruits, zoological oddities, more exotic animals, on and on, but because of one factor, we, (U.S.) could not import these delectable edibles due to agricultural differences that may introduce a bug that can destroy our nations food supply. For that reason, even the people are treated as second class citizens. Forget the Spanish and I mean from whence they came, the language, genetics, history then and now. The very people don't care let alone the American government.
 Which brings me to the 150 years ago. When My Great and Grand Parents had just settled to the Island for the Canaries and Spain. Food was a new frontier. Agriculture was a new frontier. Our (yes our, as I can relate) enemies were new bugs and new government. They had us by the throat fighting with brooms. They left us alone. There 'REALLY LEFT US ALONE'. So alone we were on our own to gain entry into the mainland. Most of us didn't. The Boricua Indian died of diseases brought from the main land and Europe. Some of the natives integrated into the 'nationality' to become a new race of beings now known as Puerto Ricans.

 The king of 'debt' knows what to do with the 'off shore' accounts, don't worry about that. That has nothing to do with the crisis within the country's economy. That has to do with little production within to sustain itself as they rely on the U.S. for most of it's help. The island doesn't produce anything for anyone, not even it's own citizens. It's a tiny island nation, that if left to it's own devices would lead it's self to it's own destruction. Certain 'nationalists' want it (the island) to become independent. If that was to happen, then all that Boricua crap, would have to be translated from Russian. Yes they are, they would and have said.
The Trump ( with a capital 'T' ) has plans you can not imagine. Your pockets can never take you there at this point in your life. BUT, (BIG BUT), you will see the competition between the 'democrats vs Republicans' vying for either Cuba and Puerto Rico as the destination capital of sun fun and entertainment. SI YA THERE!!

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