Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I personally don't care if anybody reads this, I put it out there and that's all that matters. Let's start with two simple opposites. BLACK AND WHITE. What does it mean if you say it the other way around? White and Black. Oooo,! Who taught you that? The media has twisted everything in the favor of who ever buys the most. So an innocent life can be collateral damage and good for the press, big business, fat cats, etc.
That's not to mention all the EFFEN broccoli being shoved down our throats. What ever happened to, 'Who's better, Coke or Pepsi'? They've take away all our rights to be free to explore our lives. On the one hand they want us to be as healthy as they are big and fat or big boned or what ever they are, not accepting the fact that the human race is diverse and can not be changed unless they infuse new DNA into our genes, oh, wait...
Anyway, now soda pop is being restricted from our enjoyment. Okay granted it's not nutritional but it's an institutional right to be, ..(you know, that genetic thing might not be off..) AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE! prejudice thing: 'THOSE IN REAL POWER'
As a matter of fact the micro wars can be managed, (ex: more money made)  'civility' is not an issue (for them as it's not their concern unless it's a return and more money to be made) and because they are not part of the main stream. Imagine that! We the people support the few and very rich along with their best interests. How nice! How nice that half a century ago we were unsure what of the Earth. We knew what would happen. We tried on a feeble scale but the ones in power were already injecting all assets into growth in those areas such as their own children. BUT, they were the smart kids. Those in the power and exposure to the media and government. Imagine that much power as a child!
Today you have reality shows and producers of maniacal productions and movies that make so much money they have to cause a diversion in plain sight. You suffer, they win! It's as simple as that and you will never be the wiser.
Stop giving your money to the 'stars' as they are controlling government and your choices. Let them work as hard as you to AFFORD what you have or are striving to put on you plate!

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