Sunday, November 11, 2012

As The Media Has It

Well, I really don't care if I have avertisers one way or the other right now. There might be ways of beginning a wave of traffic 'to you' but when you have the attention of thousands of people just through a hand full of close friends and family, you have quite a bit of power there. Secrets quietly kept among a close circle can buy attention at the least , long after everything is long said and done.
While advertising thinks to shove crap repeatedly at you, I really think you all give in.
When you bundle your package you secure spillage. Meaning you keep you audience. You're friends! You're Family! You are "die hards" but not in and ugly way. There is enough of that. There are blogs and addresses subdivided in catagories nad other addresses inter related form science to para science, always leading you to something capturing your interests. Such as what has brought me to write this!
Inspired, but already in deep thought about a comment from  what should be a daughter.Blood of my blood, my brother's daughter is now 43 (+?) I guess, and I quess has been poisoned mentally and has a preconcieved notion of who and how, or what I am. I love the what part. What are you? What do you mean? Like what happened to 'you'?
Today The Airforce Wished The Marines a Happy Birthday and (in comments)  she re-commented what I posted on my wall when I shared the post, which said, 'From One To Another!' Here I am trying to Honor the American Armed Forces for Veteran's Day on a page that I have aready said was PG13!
Any way it's hard to explain. This is my brother's daughter (I said) My niece knows nothing. She's like,.. very airhead. I don't know what happened. For all intent and porpose, her life was on track some time ago. First husband passed of brain cancer. BUT. Second. What happened to him? The house? Poor man! Who's this. Who's this one? Another? Again? You think she has vd? She doesn't make too much sense. Yes I'm saying it! On a very business blog!
The bussiness of reading. The busines of writing. The business for business.
I was inspired to write. The problem is a real life keeps getting in the way. Having to do what you have to do is always interpreted by all. But you have to do it. And I'm being cut off but one thing or another. More on the health, wealth, and what research leads hold for passing time (because dabbling will not cut it).
The secrets for working at home on your computer 'is' working from home 'at' your computer. You practically have to be a slave it it for any little tid bit you do take hours you don't have to make pennies. WHERE IS THE SOFTWARE?
Because it's about investing a lot of money time and continued maintenance, but if you can see your way through that part, you are In the Loop. You know. Passed the point of these little people that actually 'pay' for the all the small crap and ponzy, parley's and misleads. I may get back to this some day but it's late and if you had an adult with add would be very poor and abandoned.
I will say it's like being a fire fighter on call 24/7 365!
All in reference to:-(which I liked very much and endorse) : Ryan Biddulph
Google has some how revamped and threw out old and in with new. VEEZSCRUD!
I'll be another 6 years and I was just getting the hang of it!
Has anyone read this blog header? It means, if I tell you something and I don't post for a long time, I either expect an act of God or I'm immortal and you are mortal and impatient. I know something or I'm trying to tell you out right for a good reason. I'm not Glenn Beck and I thought I liked Paggs but he can be insulting. I not shoving this in your face! I've tried to show why's and reasons.Some times without accomplishment. I don't give a good crap, I know what I know and will not stoop, "IT" will not stop. There are already first borns too many to count that carry on this Legacy. We have and will continue to shape History to some favors. No not visions! Reality!

Personal aside, politics aside, remember, ther is no more east coast! There is so much damage from sandy. They need you to share the reputable addresses of helpers. Do some research and check on progress! Check online, check addresses make calls, repost, do the right thing and hand out addresses.
Find out who needs who! Learn to inter-connect. I know how the East Coast likes to keep to themselves. Maybe they will discover computers!@tomitheus

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