Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yahoo on this day.

If Trump had ran for prez, it would have been a unanimous landslide in New York. Let's stop a second to look at this. The man is a multi billionaire now. NOW! He had to start at the bottom with all mistakes in place! ( you see where I'm going with this?)
Today he is a carnival barker with lowercase letters. ( I told you yahoo leaves much to be desired.) It's not 'true' media but it headlines a timely trend every now and then.
So I'm reading chat in New York offices via a Dear Friend in FB and find attitude when you say anything contrary the prez. Personal notes agree. AGREE!! Well, 1. The prez makes and takes what we will never know. 2. 'I' would take up the offer to provide papers for charity at 5 mil a pop. (I don't mean rolling paper). 3. Don't we all wish we had a million dollars? ON THAT NOTE:
Personally I've been through several millions of dollars in my life time. It's just that today the population is 75% youth and where the money flow is! Who cares about the inner city youth? No one cares any more, the children of Biafra are not dying like before so we're all good right? SO, ONE MILLION DOLLARS ARE FOR THE RICH AGAIN RIGHT?
I really didn't like Trump when I lived in New York. He did for the city though. Nothing for the inner city of notable mention. In the early eighties I was hoping he would revitalize old neighborhoods like Myrtle avenue going downtown from Brooklyn. There are monuments to old New York there.
 I eventually left because it was being rerouted for major traffic and I was not include in the plans to coral the animals. I was not going to be either.
Wake Up! No one will ever want to be a millionaire anymore! No if I had a million to spare in my checking maybe I would, me would, add myself, (hmm,..sounds like...)
Every one of means today is from a silicone valley background or they had access to the software!

Eventually when the decision is made, should there be 'another' term of the same socialist crap, the future of this nation will shake, rattle, and roll down the cessation aisle. Just look at whats out there:
I'll say this, "We'll be our best allys!"

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